Of all the things you could do next, what should you do?

Whether you can't decide which of one thousand possibilities you should pursue or it feels like you've exhausted your best ideas and you're staring at a dead-end, the question remains: what's next?

How do you decide? How do you move forward?

Given all the information you have (and all the information you don't) how do you plan for the next quarter? The next year? The next 5 years?

Hypothesis Department asks the hard questions to help SaaS leaders find the (right) next big thing (for you)

We're a small firm led by Alli Blum and managed by Nancy Lago.

About Alli Blum:

Alli has been working SaaS teams since 2014 as a conversion copywriter, UX designer, customer researcher, and strategist. She has helped teams at Buffer, Codecademy, MURAL, Output, Atlassian, Userlist, Stunning, and Autobooks. She has shared her work most recently with audiences of MicroConf, LTVConf, UIBreakfast, Startups for the Rest of Us, and Forget the Funnel and is mentoring founders in the TinySeed Accelerator.

Alli has built customer experience teams from the ground up, developed onboarding experiences that generate triple-digit increases, and uncovered key insights to drive company-wide strategy.

This is a photo of Alli sitting at a table leading a workshop at MicroConf.
This is a photo of Alli sitting at a table leading a workshop at MicroConf.

Some other things Alli has done:

  • Ran a coloring company for grownups about a year before that trend took off
  • Ran an internship program and marketing at an ecommerce startup
  • Worked as a PR writer, medical writer, and foodservice advertising copywriter
  • Worked as a writing tutor and trainer of writing tutors
  • Worked at a clothing store, cheese shop, tea room, and Christmas tree farm
  • Considered becoming a professional comedian and took comedy classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York and Second City in Chicago
  • Volunteered as docent at an outdoor sculpture garden
  • Volunteered as an ESL tutor for 2 years until March 2020
  • Studied Mandarin for 9 years

About Nancy Lago, Client Services Manager:

Before diving into the digital realm, Nancy spent over a decade in corporate America helping Fortune 500 companies, such as the New York Times, JP Morgan Stanley, Viacom and Bank of America, manage their back-end operations and project management initiatives. Now, she has pivoted to utilize the same wealth of knowledge and expertise to support service-based online businesses.

Some Other Things Nancy has Done:

  • Became a certified member of the International Association of Online Business Managers
  • Operates NYC based OBM service, NY Minute
  • Visited 23 countries to date with her favorite places being Indonesia and Turkey - she even lived in Istanbul for 1 year
  • Volunteered abroad on multiple occasions to help tackle projects relating to marine life conservation, education and women’s empowerment.
  • Loves the outdoors and is an avid hiker and outdoor adventure enthusiast.

One last thing:

I love learning. I love working with people who love learning. If you also love learning, I hope we'll get to work together.

This is a photo of Alli holding a line illustration that says "you can learn to do anything."
This is a photo of Alli holding a line illustration that says "you can learn to do anything."