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Hypothesis Department

Hypothesis Department

Hypothesis Department is a strategic advisory & coaching firm supporting executive leaders and teams at customer-led SaaS organizations.

Are you seeing the tell-tale signs of a growth plateau, mass exodus, or cataclysmic shift - and wondering what to do about it?

Maybe you’ve....

...decided you’ve muddled through a herky-jerky launch for the last time

...grown tired of seeing your team of experts, your commitment to building for your customers, the quality of what you actually produce sputter before they make it out of committee

...tried to turn your team into a high-performing one by “moving faster” (somehow), “communicating better” (if you knew how, might you be doing that already?), or reprioritizing your roadmap (based on some invisible, shifting criteria) - but it’s still not working

Or maybe you wake up morning after morning wondering...

“Why aren’t I/we shipping high quality work that helps our customers?”

“Why is it taking so long to ship?”

“Why is it so hard to know what’s going on with other teams?”

Or possibly...

“I think I already know why things aren’t working, but how do I convince my team to change?”


We bring you equal parts “Product Strategist” and “Chief of Staff” Catalyst. Here’s how we help prepare you and your team for change:

We coach teams navigating (or preparing to navigate) changing teams in changing orgs with:

  • Ongoing and occasional 1:1 advisory and coaching for emerging and exec-level leaders
  • Workshops and training for teams
  • Chief of Staff-as-a-service for executives who need a close partner to lead strategic initiatives, coach their team, and serve as a close partner and sounding board

The primary way we’ll solve these problems is by having asking questions and having conversations.

The types of conversations we’ll have and documentation we’ll write tend to fall into these categories:

  • Change Strategy 
  • Meeting Facilitation 
  • Team Coaching 
  • Leadership Coaching 
  • Strategic Initiative Orchestration & Documentation
  • Communication Strategy for Change Management
  • Establishing Processes, Workways, & Operations  
  • Catalyzing Business and Team Member growth


Who “we” are:

Hypothesis Department’s principal strategist and coach is Alli Blum. Alli has worked with SaaS teams since 2014 to drive strategy and enable execution of strategic experience design, research, and customer insight initiatives, establish and build alignment around key priorities in close partnership with VP, and set the rhythm of the team. She has coached junior experience designers and aligned team around key metrics and operational readiness as headcount increases 5X at org transitioning from startup to scale-up.

Alli’s technical domain expertise is in:

  • Customer Led Growth
  • User Research (including but not limited to Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) Theory)
  • Experience Design
  • Team member and customer training
  • Conversion copywriting
  • Research ops
  • Marketing
  • Product


We've had the privilege of helping founders and leaders of teams at your favorite SaaS companies:


Can we help you and your team?

You bring us problems. We’ll ask lots of questions. Together we find a path forward.



"I was crafting the strategy and plan for my client to achieve their growth goals, but as a strategist, I could tell that something was missing or off. It was like there was a missing puzzle piece that I couldn't quite identify or articulate. I was also having a hard time extracting the information I needed from the CEO and founder to help us fit the pieces together to chart our best path forward. Our session with Alli was the breakthrough I was looking for. Not only did she pull out so much more insight around what we needed to be successful, but she revealed some assumptions and requirements that weren't as clear or completely unknown before the session. The first big a-ha moment was that we had an opportunity to realign the client's efforts with the founder's vision. And the second a-ha moment is that without Alli's thorough questioning and unpacking process, we wouldn't have arrived at our conclusions about what to do next (and I would have still been left scratching my head wondering what I was missing)." -Asia Orangio, Founder of DemandMaven, Board Member at Moz


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