JTBD research, strategic facilitation, and training

Get a deep understanding of your customers, mobilize it across your team, and build a customer-led culture around your org

You need a methodical, empirical way to understand your customers' jobs to be done.

But even if you had a clear understanding of how to execute a study and use those insights (which you might not), it's not enough to have those insights sitting in a report that gets emailed around from time to time.

You also need a way to mobilize that shared understanding - and to get buy-in on making decisions based on a single shared understanding of your customers.

Getting the insights and mobilizing understanding of the insights and building teamwide habits around making decisions are three discrete initiatives - and we can help with all three.

Go from “we’re a small team in a growing org that’s new to JTBD and customer insights” to “we’re a team that the rest of our org trusts to lead strategic decision-making”

Has your team:

  • Identified an opportunity to form a new, multi-disciplinary team to focus on onboarding and activating new customers within your org of 20-100 team members
  • Started to sense a disconnect between what your team thinks your customers use cases or job stories are, how your org talks about them across your marketing, product, and customer success channels, and what you're hearing from actual customers about why they buy
  • Noticed that conversations with your team about why your best customers are your best customers yield opinions and folklore
  • Observed that conversations with your customers surface specific but still only tiny partial components of still larger stories
  • Begun to realize that a Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) initiative is the missing strategic piece to define onboarding, product, marketing, and ecosystem strategy, but you're not sure where to start or how to get your team onboard, or...
  • ...already conducted deep research into your customers' JTBD, maybe even hired another expert, but you're still left wondering, "Okay, now what?"

Hypothesis Department helps teams collect and mobilize a shared understanding of their customers to make more profitable decisions that help more customers

First, we help you understand your customers in a JTBD research study.

Next, we help you get buy-in from your team on your new customer-led strategy in a JTBD mobilization engagement.

Finally, we help you build the habits to become a customer-led organization with an ongoing JTBD change initiative.

If you've already made some progress in one of these areas, we'll join you where you are help you continue pushing that progress forward.


JTBD Study: Understand why your best customers "hire" your business so you can get more of them

1 Month Research and Coaching Engagement

Has your org just formed a new team to focus on onboarding - only to discover a disconnect between what you believe your customers want and what your customers actually want? Are key decisions being made off of opinion, folklore, or someone's flight of fancy? Has undergoing a Jobs to Be Done research initiative emerged as the missing strategic piece to define onboarding, product, marketing, and ecosystem strategy, but you aren't sure where to start? We'll conduct your team's core JTBD study, identify your customers' job types, and facilitate a strategic discussion around how to turn those insights into strategy.


JTBD Mobilization: Get your team aligned around who your customers are and why they turn to you

6-Week Facilitation and Coaching Engagement

You've run an initial JTBD study (internally, with another JTBD expert, or with Hypothesis Department), now what? How do you get buy-in on using insights? How do you turn those insights into new experiences that help your customers? In this 6-week sprint, we help your teammates get bought in on using your customer insights and help you prioritize your biggest opportunities.


JTBD Change Coaching: Build a long-term culture of customer-led decision-making at your org

1 day - 6 month facilitation, training, and coaching engagements

If you wanted to find a customer interview right now, where would you go? Who would you ask? Would you discover that your team isn't making decisions with qualitative data as often as you'd like? We help teams that have already conducted user research but who are still finding themselves falling back to old habits, losing track of where it's stored, running duplicate studies, or missing out on enormous opportunities to get back on track. We'll design and build your research repository and coach you on building habits for making customer-led decisions.


Collecting, mobilizing, and applying customer insights to your team's work is change work isn't easy. It's not fast. But it gets results.

It solves hair-on-fire problems, drives triple-digit increases in acquisition, activation, and retention outcomes, and helps you build trust with your team.



“Before I hired Alli I was struggling to get buy-in on how conversion copywriting could make an impact in my domain, across our company, and down to the bottom line. When Alli presented her research and copy to our team, she got buy-in from leadership that has made my life SO much easier. “Not only did someone write the copy for me, but now the whole team is on board with the power of words. She took something that everyone felt was “fluffy” and showed that it’s objective, systematic, and revenue-driving. Alli gave us results (31% increase in open rates  –  on already decent copy  –  and an 82% lift in our click-through rate that doubles the industry standard)  but more importantly  to me, she won buy-in on copywriting. Now that this project is done, I finally feel like I’ve got trust from my team.” -Ashley Hockney, Content Marketing, Codecademy


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