SaaS Mystery Shopper Audit
SaaS Mystery Shopper Audit

SaaS Mystery Shopper Audit

What kind of experience do your new users have the first time they sign in?

How do you know?

Once you know how to use your product, why you should use it, and how it feels when you’ve been successful with it – it’s impossible to go back to not knowing.

It’s impossible to look at something you built or something you use or something you write about every day and experience what you saw, felt, and thought.

But not if you look through someone else's eyes.

The SaaS “Mystery Shopper” Customer Experience Audit give you a fresh take on the good, the bad, and the ugly in your onboarding

Why look at onboarding in the first place?

Onboarding is  the moment when your customer enters your world. It's the moment when your customers have more momentum to get started than they have ever had before and they are likely to have again. It's the moment when you are most likely to capture or lose your prospect's attention.

It's also a microcosm of everything that is happening at your business.

Look at what your customers say during onboarding, and you'll see what they're struggling with before they enter your world.

Look at how well your in-app and in-inbox experiences connect during onboarding, and see how clearly your product and marketing teams understand what your new users need to do to be successful.

Look at onboarding, and see whether you need to re-organize how your product and marketing teams work together. See if you're targeting the customers you think you are. See if people are coming to you for the help you think they need. See if you are missing an enormous opportunity to grow your business.

This audit is ideal for founders and product, marketing, customer success, and UX team leads when you have:

  • Formed a new, multi-disciplinary sprint or team to focus on onboarding or activation - and you're starting to see that onboarding a process that involves more than just a sign-up flow and product walkthrough
  • Been tinkering with your onboarding for a while, trying in-app flows, emails, tutorials, and more - but are still finding that customers don't stick around as long as you would like
  • Are getting ready to hire expert consulting help or grow your team, but you aren't sure which area will have the greatest ROI - email? UX? Something else?

How it works:

This audit looks at the entire experience - in-app and in-inbox - so you can see what it's like for new users who neither know nor care who was in charge of which components of your onboarding flows.

First you tell me about your customers and your business:

  • You'll send me anything you have documented on your ideal customer and the job they "hire" your product to do
  • You'll send me all of your emails
  • You'll meet with me to go over your business goals and goals for this audit

Next I audit your new customer experience:

  • Teardown/audit/share feedback on the copy on your trial sign up page
  • Record a video of my first experience using your product
  • Teardown/audit/share feedback on your onboarding emails
  • Attempt to do what your emails and in-app messages ask me to do
  • Chat with support to see how easily my questions can be answered
  • Summarize findings and recommendations

After that, I'll send you a set of documents to review:

  • Video(s) of my experience using your product
  • Written feedback on your emails
  • Recommendations for where your highest ROI opportunities are for you to research, write, or design a new user experience that helps more people become successful sooner

Last, we'll meet to discuss and review our findings and opportunities:

We'll meet to sort through the ideas that rose to the surface and next steps for how to decide what's next.

You'll walk away with:

  • A fresh perspective on where or how your onboarding might be stopping new users from being successful
  • A clear idea of what your next step might be, which might involve looking at what makes your current customers successful, revamping your in-app experience, rewriting your emails, hiring someone to run demos, fixing a bug, or something else
  • Confidence that your next move won't be a guess, but a strategic decision based on evidence and tradeoffs



“Your help with the webinar email was so incredible and funnily enough, led to a ton of improvements to the webinar itself. So as a result, I’ve rewritten the entire webinar and ran the first session on Wednesday. The feedback was incredible, the interest ratings shot up and the average time on the session was 20% higher! So I really do have to thank you from the bottom of my heart, not only for helping us to improve the invitation, but inspiring me to improve the webinar itself.” -Hannah Voice, Onboarding, Buffer


So, what low-hanging fruit is lurking in your onboarding?

How might your emails relate to other new user trainings?

How might your trainings relate to your in-app onboarding flows?

How might your customers experience every micro-moment of getting to know you?

To find out, get in touch: