We help you figure out who your best customers are - and when, why, and how they decide to buy from you.

We help you turn this understanding into a strategy that gets you acquisition, adoption, and retention outcomes.

Then we help you teach your team about your customers and strategy - and help them get excited about both.


If you are struggling with one of these challenges, now is a good time to schedule a discovery call with us:

  • Identified an opportunity to form a new, multi-disciplinary team to focus on onboarding and activating new customers within your org of 20-100 team members
  • Decided to start hiring many new people or building out a new department
  • Started to sense a disconnect between what your team thinks your customers use cases or job stories are, how your org talks about them across your marketing, product, and customer success channels, and what you're hearing from actual customers about why they buy
  • Noticed that conversations with your team about why your best customers are your best customers yield opinions and folklore
  • Observed that conversations with your customers surface specific but still only tiny partial components of still larger stories
  • Begun to realize that customer research is the missing strategic piece to define onboarding, product, marketing, and ecosystem strategy, but you're not sure where to start or how to get your team onboard, or...
  • ...already conducted deep research into your customers but you're still left wondering why you can't get the rest of your team to agree


When one of these scenarios 👆 is happening, shifting your team's perspective from Customer Folklore to Customer Consensus helps you start making progress

Many teams make decisions based on "customer folklore." This is what happens when team members might have some loose ideas of who their best customers are, but the stories are passed around and changed each time.

I help teams moved toward making decisions with evidence-based "customer consensus." Teams working in this state share a single understanding of both who your best customers are and when, why, and how they choose your product.

I do this by researching your customers, helping your team understand how to turn that research into strategy, and mobilizing those customer learnings across your company.

As this shift from customer folklore to customer consensus happens, your team will encounter a number of thorny strategic challenges - I'll facilitate strategic conversations to turn messy tumbleweeds into clear paths forward.


We'll start with a roadmapping session

This session is the fastest way to ground ourselves in where you're starting, where you're going, and the known and unknown obstacles along the way. I'll meet with you and with a few key stakeholders to unpack your strategic challenges and opportunities. By the end of the call, we'll know how we want to proceed:

We'll determine whether our next step is:

A 6-Week Research Engagement: For teams that need to understand when and why their best customers choose their product.

A 6-Week Alignment Engagement: For teams where some people understand when and why their best customers choose their product but that information is not shared across teams.

A 6-Month Strategic Facilitation Engagement: For teams working on pushing big ideas forward and encountering a consistent stream of new, thorny challenges.


Book a 30-minute call to see if we're a fit

We'll schedule this first call to talk about where you're at. If at the end we decide we want to keep going, we'll talk about the best way to get started.

Book time here and we'll talk soon. 👇