Will "UX Librarians" be commonplace?
Will "UX Librarians" be commonplace?

Will "UX Librarians" be commonplace?

@June 20, 2021

Will "UX Librarians" be commonplace in the future?

I'm starting to think that "Qualitative Insights Manager" or "UX Librarian" (or possibly a librarian function under the broader umbrella of "Research Ops") will be a common role in the future, based on my observation of how much work it is to set up and maintain a qualitative research repository.

I've said this a few times on calls to overwhelmed PMs processing their new responsibility of managing a library of their org's insights, when all they wanted was just to have the insights accessible.

I suppose I am saying this in part to alleviate their fear, validate their responsibility even.

But really do we let every user of the library decide how to organize the books? No we do not, the managers of the Dewey decimal system or Library of Congress system do that. But of course that is for published works and not data and in-progress findings.

But how much do the classifications change for much of the taxonomy? For many of the projects?

What type of governance is necessary for a qualitative insights repository? What is sufficient?