Introduce Your Qualitative Insights
Introduce Your Qualitative Insights

Introduce Your Qualitative Insights

@June 16, 2021

Introduce your qualitative insights repo to one person at a time

I consulted with a team recently that is getting ready to roll out their insights repository to their entire org by flipping the switch to turn on SSO access to the repository.

I advised strongly against doing that on account of having led 20-person demos of EnjoyHQ and then received ~20 pings on Slack immediately after the demo with questions and confusion.

(I actually do no recommend flipping a switch and making it accessible to everyone without training or understanding of what qualitative data is and how it's used. Only people who are not antagonistic to research get access. Or people who are being chaperoned by someone who will explain the raw and/or processed insights to their team.)

Much better to build out your repository for a small group, get really comfortable, understand how it supports you and your team, then roll it out to another few people - but do it one-at-a-time.

I explained the folly of my earlier days, and this team changed their strategy on the spot.